Murwillumbah Services Club Shows Heartfelt Support for Condong Public School 


Murwillumbah Services Club, a dedicated community partner, is pleased to announce its donation of 60 nutritious lunches to Condong Public School for September. This heartfelt gesture aims to support the students and staff who continue to thrive at their temporary campus following the devastating floods that struck the region in March 2022. The Club has been providing the School community ongoing support as it endeavours to get back on its feet after the devastating 2022 floods. 


The Murwillumbah Services Club has long been committed to making a positive impact in the local community, and this donation is a testament to its ongoing dedication to supporting educational institutions and the well-being of local students. 


With the lingering challenges posed by the floods, Condong Public School’s resilience and determination have been inspiring to witness. The school’s faculty, students, and their families have shown incredible strength and unity throughout this trying period. 


The 60 nutritious lunches provided by Murwillumbah Services Club are intended to alleviate some of the day-to-day burdens faced by the school community. These meals are carefully prepared to ensure that students receive wholesome nourishment, enabling them to concentrate on their studies and maintain their overall well-being. 


“We understand the difficulties that Condong Public School has been facing since the floods, and we wanted to show our support in a meaningful way,” said Guy Diven CEO of Murwillumbah Services Club. “Our hope is that these lunches provide not only sustenance but also a sense of comfort and care to the students and staff during this challenging time.” 

The donation of these lunches highlights the Club’s commitment to fostering a strong, resilient community and supporting local schools in their efforts to provide quality education. Murwillumbah Services Club is proud to stand with Condong Public School and looks forward to continuing its partnership and assistance in the future. 


Condong Public School Principal Brendan Quinn expressed gratitude for the generous donation, saying, “We are immensely thankful to Murwillumbah Services Club for their kind and thoughtful gesture. This support means a great deal to our school community as we continue to navigate the aftermath of the 2022 floods. It’s heartwarming to see such support from our neighbours.”