The Murwillumbah Services Memorial Club is pleased to announce that the work to install a Help Point at the entrance to the Club has been completed.


The Help Point is a public access hands free communication device located at the bottom of the ramp at the car park entrance of the Club, which will be used by members and their guests, to advise the Club that they require assistance in accessing the Club’s premises.


For those who have not used the Help Point, if a person requires any assistance with accessing the Club’s premises, they can simply press a “help button” which has been installed at the front of the ramp at the entrance to the Club’s premises. Once this button is pressed, staff will be advised that the person requires assistance and then trained staff will proceed to assist those people into the Club.


The Help Point will make accessing the Club easier for members and guests with mobility issues and/or use mobility aids such as wheelchairs.


Mr. Diven explained why the Club installed the Help Point:


“The Club is committed to ensuring all members of the community can access the Club. This is because the Club is a wonderful community asset with services and facilities that should be enjoyed by the whole community. The Club installed the Help Point as part of this ongoing commitment. The Club hopes that the Help Point will make the Club more accessible to all members of the community”.


Mr. Ronald Douglas who is a member of Tweed Shire Council’s Equal Access Advisory Committee said he would like to thank the Club for installing the Help Point as a tool to assist people with disability access to the Club’s premises.


The Help Point has been well received by members and guests with a number of people using the Help Point commenting upon how easy it is to use and how attentive and helpful the Club’s staff have been.


For further information regarding the use of the Help Point, please contact the Club on 6672-1388.

Help Point Signage


Club Help Point