Our Gallipoli Veterans

Focus on the RSL Sub Branch

The RSL Sub-Branch is an organisation committed to the betterment of their members and community. As a part of their core objectives for operation, the Volunteer Committee is involved in many positive initiatives that serve to educate and unite the community, remembering those veterans who have fallen to maintain our freedom.

At this year's ANZAC Day, 100 years since Gallipoli, the Committee implemented two such projects that were overwhelmingly received by the public, "Our own Gallipoli Veterans - White Crosses" and the "Shortest Coo-ee March on record". It is clear by the number of people that participated in both of these events, that everyone is both proud and respectful of their ancestors involved in WW1 and Gallipoli and because of the efforts of the RSL Sub-Branch committee members, these veterans were remembered and commemorated.

There were 124 White Crosses, listing Gallipoli Veterans with a connection to past and present local residents of our area. These were put on display at the front of the club in the days leading up to ANZAC Day. These crosses generated an immense amount of interest and the list of names of those veterans follows this article, as well as being displayed in the club.

Approximately 80-100 people attended the Camp Concert as part of the Coo-ee March event, with about a dozen of those camping overnight, but then the rest came back in the wee hours of the morning and participated in the march and morning activities, many of the descendants dressing up in 1914-18 attire.

It is important to remember that these projects are implemented from start to finish by RSL-Sub-Branch volunteers and it is difficult for the public to fully appreciate just how much time and effort these five committee volunteers put in. With the White Crosses project, each veteran had to be searched upon, found and verified (sounds easy until you discover 300 "J Smiths") and then two white crosses per veteran were constructed by Chris Chrisostomos, one for the Cenotaph wall and a duplicate to be presented to the veteran's descendants. As at 19 March, 77 names had been identified and by ANZAC Day itself, they had found 124. (That's 248 crosses in total).

The amount of time that Kevin Cheetham spent organising all the logistics of the Coo-ee March re-enactment; marketing it to gather participants, putting together the Camp Concert and overnight camping, Reveille and pre-dawn service and then the march itself, amounted to countless hours.

A big thank you goes to Kevin who, after 15 years service as Secretary of the Sub-Branch, has deservedly retired. Kevin worked tirelessly in this role during this time, and all of his efforts are very much appreciated, as he was a very busy man with commitments to other organisations such as the SES, Cadets, National Servicemen and Legacy.

The RSL Sub-Branch would like to thank everyone who made the effort to attend the Dawn service this year as there were record numbers, some for the first time, all intent on showing their respect at the 100th year anniversary of this significant event in history. The public has not forgotten. There were a few people quick to criticise the efforts of the day. Thank you for your feedback, but we would like to think these same people may be more forgiving if they had a better understanding of the amount of work to be done by so little people and in their own time. The RSL Sub-Branch are always looking for more volunteers and grateful for anyone who can help out.

RSL Sub-Branch Committee Members: Ron Bossink (President), Derek Sims (Pensions Officer), Kevin Cheetham (Secretary- retired), Kevin Sharpley (Vice President) & Peter Hallen (Treasurer).

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White Crosses - Gallipoli Veterans Names


Private John AKED
Sapper Hubert  ANTHONY
Trooper Percival  ASHWOOD
Private Garfield BAKER
Private Roy BAKER
Private George  BAMBERY
Private Timothy  BAMBERY
Private Frederick Stanley  BARLING
Trooper Robert  BATTERHAM
Trooper Frederick  BENNETT
Private Cecil  BLOW
Private William  BLUNDELL
Private William Vernon BOARDMAN
Private Herbert  BOORMAN
Gunner Edwin  BOSTOCK
Private William BOWDLER
Driver Clive  BRAY
Private James  BRIDGES
Private Arthur  BROWN
Private John Francis BRUCE
Private Douglas James Forest  BUCKINGHAM
Trooper Alexander  BUTCHER
Private Wilfred  BUTCHER
2nd Lieutenant Bernard  BYRNES Military Cross
Gunner Norman  CAMERON
Private Warren McAllister CAMPBELL
Private Henry  CLARK
Corporal John  COLAN
Private Alfred  COLLINS
Private Arthur COLLINS
Driver Thomas  CONSIDINE
Trooper William COTTER
Private John  CREGAN
Private Donald CULLEN
Private Reginald  DAVIE (NZ)
Corporal William DAVIS Distinguished Service Order
Major George  DICKINSON Military Medal
Corporal Robert DINSEY
Private Thomas DOYLE
Private Tom  DUNBAR
Private Arthur  EDWARDS
Private Charles  EMERY
Private William  ERWIN (IRWIN)
Private Joeseph EVANS
Private Walter  FALLS
Private Arthur Ernest FARRELL
Private Michael FITZGERALD
Private Joseph  FLORENTINE
Private John FRANCIS Military Medal
Private Leslie  GARNETT
Lance Corporal Edwin  GASSON
Private Robert GILLETT
Private William GREEN
Private William HARRISON
Private Percival  HARVEY
Corporal William  HITCHEN
Private Cecil  HOCKEY
Private James  HOLMES
Private George  HOWES
Driver Henry  JACKSON Victoria Cross
Private Ernest  JACKSON
Private William  JACKSON
Private Robert JAMIESON
Private Jack  JENNINGS
Private John Hilton JOHNSON
Private Edward JONES
Private George  JONES
Private Charles KERRY
Private Ernest KERSHAW
Sargeant Hugh  KIRKLAND
Private Roy  LENHOLM
Private Noel  LYONS
Private Bertram MANNING
Private Daniel MAYE
Private John McALLISTER
Private Alexander McANDREW
Gunner Andrew McCONCHIE
Private Stephan MCDERMOTT
Sargeant Frank  MCDERMOTT
Private William  McDOUGALL
Private Wallace McEWA
Lance Corporal Thomas  McGILL
Corporal Ar thur  McINTOSH
Private Robert   McKENZIE
Corporal Joseph  McKINLEY
Private Francis  McMAHON
Private Patrick MELLIFORT
Private William MILLS
Lieutenant Charles  MORLEY
Private Phillip  MULLINS
Private Alfred  NELSON
Private Thomas  NEWSTEAD Military Medal & Military Cross
Private Charles  NICOLL
Private Frank  PAGE
Private Austin  PRATT
Sapper Jack  PRICE
Private John PRICE
Private Reginald  QUINN
Sargeant Ernest Parnell  RABBIDGE
Private Arthur Sidney  RABBIDGE
Corporal Ernest RAYWARD
Private Leslie Arnold REDMOND
Private Sylvester  RICE
Private Henry  RICE
Private Hector ROSE
Corporal Andrew SCOTT
Lance Corporal Sydney SHARMAN
Private Frederick SKENNAR
Private George  SKENNAR
Private Leslie  SKINNER
Sargeant John  SKINNER
Private Walter  SOMMERVILLE
Private James  SOMMERVILLE
Private Vernon STEPHEN
Private Richard  SWEETNAM
Trooper Thomas SWIFT
Private Edmund   TAYLOR
Lance Corporal Albert  THOMSON
Lance Corporal Allan  TURNBULL
Private Oliver  TURNBULL
Gunner William  VANDERTAK
Private Nathaniel  WHALLEY
Trooper Septimus WILSON
Private Frederick  YOUNG