Member Birthday Bash


Held four times this month!

The Members Birthday Festivities are held on Thursdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th January 2020.

The lucky winner of the $250 Cash will be drawn at 7.30pm on each evening.
Winner must be present at time of draw.

 NEW NEW NEW - Members swipe your card, during the month of your birthday, at any cash register to receive your FREE Birthday Vouchers and in the upstairs Members Kiosk to receive your $250 Cash Draw Entry Tickets.

Birthday month members receive:

- $15.00 Rivers Dining Voucher
- $5.00 free Drink Voucher.
- $5.00 free Raffle Tickets.
- $5.00 Discount Keno Voucher

Meat raffles from 7.00pm  

Download Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Use for Members Birthday Vouchers, as at 1 August, 2019.
Please read them carefully, You agree to abide by them if you choose to use your Members Birthday Vouchers.

Vouchers 1 - 4  are automatically issued (once only) when members card is swiped at any cash register, on any day of the Member's birthday month.
$250 Cash Draw Entry Tickets are automatically issued (printed) when members card is swiped at the Upstairs Members Kiosk.

(i)    These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
(ii)    All Vouchers listed are subject to change without notice.
(iii)    All Managment decisions pertaining to the use of these vouchers are final, no further correspondence will be entered into.
(iv)    All Vouchers are not valid for use in conjunction with any other promotion.    
(v)    Vouchers 1 - 4 are valid for 30 days from Issued Date - printed on the ticket. They are also stored on members card until used or expired. Voucher 5 valid date of issue only.
(vi)    Any voucher not used/redeemed by its validity date will be forfeited.
(vii)   All Vouchers issued are not redeemable for cash.
(viii)  No change will be given for any voucher value not used/redeemed in full.
(ix)    Members are reminded they must not permit their card to be swiped by anyone other than themselves for the purposes of obtaining these vouchers, or any other benefit earned through the Sparkle Members Rewards Program. This practice goes directly against the Terms and Conditions of the Sparkle Members Rewards program, under which the card was issued, and members in breach of these Terms could have their membership revoked.

Numbered List Members Birthday Vouchers* - Specific Terms and Conditions of Use of each.

1. ONE x '$15.00 RIVER DINING' Voucher only.
 - Voucher maximum value is $15.00.
 - Mult-use Voucher.
 - Voucher can be redeemed at Rivers Dining Restaurant only, on any day or time whilst voucher is valid for use.

2. ONE x 'FREE DRINK' Voucher only.
 - Voucher maximum value is $5.00.
 - Multi-use Voucher.
 - Cash can be used to supplement payment if the total drink cost value is over $5.00.
 - Can be redeemed for Beer, wine, spirit, cordial, tea or coffee.

3. ONE x 'DISCOUNT KENO OFFER' Voucher only.
    $5.00 Discount when a minimum of $10.00 spent on Keno Games.

 - Maximum Discount receivable is $5.00.
 - Minimum cost to use Voucher after discount is applied, is $5.00.
 - When redeeming this voucher, a Keno Entry Ticket (with a minimum cost value of $10.00) must be submitted to Keno staff within the same transaction. 
 - Single-use Voucher.

4. ONE x '$5.00 FREE MEAT RAFFLE TICKETS' Voucher only.
 - Voucher maximum value $5.00.
 - Voucher is valid for use during Thursday, Friday or Saturday Normal Meat Raffles only, any time whilst voucher is valid for use. Not Valid in Special Raffles it.. Toy, Easter Egg, Electrical Raffles, etc.
 - Present voucher to raffle ticket seller to receive your Meat Raffle Tickets.
 - Single-use Voucher.

5. One x 'FREE ENTRY TICKET' to each $250 CASH DRAW.
 - Eligible draws are those that take place during the month of your birthday only.
 - $250 Cash is guaranteed to be won at each draw.
 - Draw takes place at 7.30pm.
 - To claim prize money you must be present to win.
 - 1 ticket only prints on swipe between 10.00am and 7.30pm, on each eligible Birthday Bash Date.
 - Remember, Vouchers cannot be reprinted so place them straight into entry barrel.

Multi-use Voucher means it can be used in more than one transaction, but only until maximum Voucher Value has been reached.
Single-use Voucher means full voucher value must be used in one transaction, or forfeit any remaining value.

*tickets will only print if member is financial to 30/06/2020 or beyond